GCP Meeting Minutes 7/14/16

1. Reports
Stapleton Rec Center (Pete Lozano): the rec center has computers and internet up and running. Planning events this month to attract more people to use them. Stapleton rec and Birdseed Collective are serving approximately 100 lunches and snacks/day between the two organizations. Broncos camp is Sat 7/23- free for kids 5-12 at Invesco. Sign up required in advanced. Sports registration begins on 8/2.
Affordable Housing Meeting: Mayor Hancock, CM Brooks and CW Kniech announced the details of the affordable housing fund. Public meeting on 7/21, 6pm, North Highschool. Contact Katie if you have questions.
Odor Ordinance: draft of the odor ordinance presented. it includes many of the nuisance odors experienced in GES. Contact Vern if you have questions or have ideas.
Globeville Landing Outfall: Globeville Civic partners has sent a letter outlining questions and concerns. 2014 Public Works outlined flood plane issues that need to be addressed. Attempting to find the document. Vern is coordinating a meeting, date TBD. Flood plane has already had negative impact on development.

2. Budget/Membership/Internship
3 levels of QuickBooks. Currently using the lowest level ($10/mo)
Current members intent to make donations to GCP to cover costs of intern stipend
Primary goal is to increase membership as soon as possible. Resident membership fee will be waived for now. More discussion later.

3. Old Globeville Days: there is a community booth at Old Globeville Days to share information with residents and request petition signatures.