Flooding: Globeville Storm Drainage Infrastructure Capacity

Globeville storm drainage infrastructure capacity is for only a 2 year flood.  Public Works  has identified $80m in storm drainage fixes need to protect Globeville which in NOT protected by the $300m Platte to Parkhill storm drainage project.  In fact, Globeville is put back into the flood plain and risks exposure  to toxic contamination from the Outfall being  constructed through a Super fund site at Globeville Landing Park as the first step of the P2PH project.

GCP continues to advocate for flood protection NOW, not until 2022 as Public Works stated to City Council.  Because of Board member actions, District 9 Councilman Brooks has requested the $80m in the City’s 2018 budget to address Globeville storm infrastructure needs. The budget will be finalized in November 2017 and GCP will continue to advocate for that allocation.

Detailed  information is found in the Don’t Flood Globeville Packet.